I work with Tarot and Reiki. There is nothing complicated about either. There is no resistance to the influence of one and the possibilities of the second.

I have no interest in the doubts of man. If a human does not like my work there is no concern or worry. Of course, there is no interest in the doubter, each of us is entitled to their beliefs.

Resist nothing, and life becomes an easy process. A man says “Janine you are a liar, charlatan, fake” my reply is “In your mind this is your truth, I cannot resist it, fight it, or deny it” There is no argument or anger. There is nothing for this man, I do not offer love because we cannot love someone until we know them.

Those who encourage the happiness of humans will find sublime happiness in their lives. Those who thrive on causing pain will find their life difficult. This is the truth and one which is not difficult to understand.

If you seek a reading or healing from me you should expect nothing. I cannot guarantee to change your life or cure an illness. You may find comfort and respite as we review the meaning of The Tarot. You may find yourself being able to relax or sleep better than before we meet. This is the best I can promise, why should I deceive you?

I can be contacted at ReikiGift

Janine Love