Hi – I am Janine Love. My work as a healer has taken me on many journeys. From spiritual church’s and gurus and everything in between. Fifteen years ago while travelling in America I met a woman who talked about my confusions. She told me to follow two parallel paths.

I asked her what she meant.

“One of meditation and one of healing”

I asked her to expand upon the statement.

“You have one and the other will be found if you read and seek everything about Reiki”

Of course, the meditation is the 78 cards of the Tarot Deck. I have taught its symbolism and used it to earn my living. The deck has never let me down. Whether used for entertainment or psychic fayre reading, the 78 cards provided the means to travel, buy a few possessions and live a simplistic life.

I read about The Master, the monk Mikao Usui – During those years of learning understanding the information was conflicting. I sought the wisdom of others and became disillusioned.  I met many teachers who asked more than I could afford for a certificate and their ‘secret’ knowledge.

One night, during a meditation, a seed of thought entered my imagination. “If Usui’s gift is universal healing energy, why should I not ask for it?” I had read everything I could find, spoken to many Reiki healers, and I knew as much as any.

Mikao Usui ‘attuned’ a small number of people. All those who are attuned through his lineage have a direct link to the master. I did not have the funds to pay for attunement and I knew the master never charged so I looked for someone who would attune me in the master’s way. My search failed because many place gold before attainment.

I read my books and information many times. Nowhere does it say you cannot self-attune. I travelled to the North-East of England to Lydisfarne. My stay would be three weeks. During this time I thought about the master and read my extensive notes.

I decided not to talk to anyone during the twenty-one days. Living on fruit, bread and water, my focus was to become aligned with the power of universal healing. I walked the island and watched as the tides stranded and the freed the inhabitants. The influence of the moon on a whole island became the meditation. The special religious aspects of the island. The Celtic history of the island. All three combine in meditation and take the mind to spiritual imaginations.

On the final evening, I sat on Sandham beach. While watching the sky and listening to the sea I became aware of how cold my body had become. Without deliberate intention, I placed my hands on my face and the warmth was incredible. The warmth flowed through my body, the feeling cannot be described.

When the time came to leave, I cycled to a small shop to buy bread and fruit for the journey home. I would cycle the ten miles from Lindisfarne to Berwick station and then the long train journey to London. Outside of the shop, a dog was tethered to a post, I patted its head and stroked his body. A man rushed out of another shop a shouted: “keep away from Brock, he’s dangerous, he’ll snap at any stranger”.

Brock did not snap, he nuzzled his head into my face. As I left, the dog seemed to want to follow me. I knew at this instant my aura and energy had changed. In fact, since leaving the island all those years ago my whole life changed.

I would never claim to be a Reiki Healer although I know I am a conduit to Reiki Healing Energy. I know if I sit with a person who is unwell there is a possibility my presence can complement their treatments. There are many people who believe I soothe their emotional discord and unhappiness. I do not know if my connection is real or not, I have no way of knowing if the effect is purely psychosomatic.

There is no charge for the healing. I do ask for a contribution to my daily expenses. One man will pay five pounds and another much more. This is the way of my work and it seems to work well.

And yes, I still meditate with and use The Tarot to explore the opportunities of mine and my clients’ lives. That is the way of my past and the only way of the future.

There are two parallel paths. Tarot and Reiki, this is all.

Janine Love